Posted On: November 26, 2012

Managing Co-Parenting Arrangements Online

Going through a lengthy and acrimonious divorce or child custody battle is extremely difficult and taxing. However, what may be even more stressful is coordinating parenting time, visitation, decision making and other issues that go along with co-parenting with your ex-spouse or ex-partner. Often times, simple conversations regarding after school activities spiral out of control and end up as full blown arguments between the parents. This acrimony is not only harmful for the parents, but it is also extremely harmful for the children involved, who are often used as middlemen in their parents’ conflict. In response to difficulties often associated with co-parenting after the break-up of a marriage or relationship, several websites have been developed with the goal of helping parents co-parent in a way that is the most beneficial to their children.

These sites are commonly referred to as custody management sites. Custody management sites come in different varieties, and offer differing options. The more basic sites offer web based calendars and message boards, accessible only to the parents or children involved. Other, more comprehensive sites offer services ranging from document archives, virtual visitation, child expense logs, and picture galleries. These sites offer parents a less confrontational way to interact with each other in order to make decisions regarding their children. By allowing parents to simply upload their child’s report card, homework assignments or activity schedule onto an online database shared by the other parent, there is little to no opportunity for parents to have conflict. Also, since all of the information relative to the parents’ custody arrangement, like custody agreements, parenting plans, and visitation schedules may be archived on the site, each party is always aware of the agreements or rules concerning the custody arrangement.

If you are currently going through a divorce or custody battle, or if you and your co-parent have already settled your custody issues, but you would still like to take advantage of the services offered by such sites, visit one of the sites listed below. The list below is not exhaustive, but is does offer an example of the different child custody management websites available.

By A. Latrese Martin, Associate Attorney, Meriwether & Tharp, LLC