Posted On: February 14, 2013

Celebrity Divorce Chronicles: Kris Humphries v. Kim Kardashian

Recently, a well know celebrity news outlet reported on the new drama that is developing between Kim Kardashian and her soon to be ex-husband, professional basketball player Kris Humphries. For those who are not entirely up to date on the background of this celebrity divorce case, a brief primer follows below.

Kim Kardashian, daughter of famed attorney Robert Kardashian, was thrust into the spotlight when an intimate tape of her and then boyfriend, R&B singer Ray-J, surfaced on the internet. In 2011, after a brief courtship and engagement, Kardashian wed Humphries, a star professional basketball player currently with the Brooklyn Nets. After only 72 days of marital bliss, Humphries filed for divorce from Kardashian citing that he was deceived into marrying Kardashian. Although her marriage to Humphries still persists, Kardashian quickly moved on with her personal life and began dating Hip Hop artist Kanye West. Shortly before the New Year, West and Kardashian announced that they were expecting a child together.

In a divorce related court filing, submitted by Humphries on February 4, 2013, his attorneys suggested that Kardashian is trying to gain the upper hand in the divorce battle by seeking to accelerate the proceedings due to her pregnancy. Apparently, Kardashian, who expects to deliver her child later this year, is petitioning the court to set an immediate trial date in order to dispose of the divorce expeditiously. However, Humphries’ attorneys, who are seeking to halt Kardashian’s request to set an immediate trial date, suggest that Kardashian is attempting to speed up the trial in order to hide facts surrounding the couple’s marriage.

Although Humphries and his attorneys are seeking to defeat Kardashian’s request, his camp may have no choice but to ready for trial as a hearing regarding each side's readiness to go to trial is set for February 15 of this year.

By A. Latrese Martin, Associate Attorney, Meriwether & Tharp, LLC