Posted On: April 29, 2013

How can I obtain a passport for my child when I do not know where the father is or how to get in touch with him?

Obtaining a passport for a minor can be overwhelming and complicated, especially when one of the parents is unavailable. One document that is needed to obtain a passport for a minor is a certified birth certificate. If the mother is the only parent on the birth certificate, then the father’s consent is not needed to obtain a passport. If both parents are listed on the birth certificate, both need to give consent, except in limited situations. This is where it can get complicated, particularly if the whereabouts of one parent are unknown, or if one parent is uncooperative. Information regarding obtaining passports for minors can be found here.

I highly recommend consulting with a local attorney who has experience with this particular issue to discuss the process in greater detail and help you obtain the necessary documentation.

By Patrick L. Meriwether, Partner, Meriwether & Tharp, LLC