Posted On: September 23, 2013

Divorce and Child Custody - Split the Kids?

In divorces involving children, a main issue to be decided is custody – how the parties will make decisions regarding the children after the divorce and with whom the children will live. Though every situation and family is different, most often the parents will share legal custody of the children with one parent having primary physical custody and the other parent having visitation. Nearly all of the time, the children remain together. This is not the case in a recent publicized celebrity divorce.

Celebrity event planner, David Tutera, and his former partner, Ryan Jurica, recently went through a divorce. David Tutera and His Ex Will Raise Their Twins Separately,, September 13, 2013. During their relationship, they used a surrogate who was implanted with two embryos – one child was Tutera’s biological child, while the other child was Jurica’s biological child. Their break-up occurred while the surrogate was carrying the twins and they decided that they would each separately raise their own biological child after their births. The men and each of their children now live across the country from each other.

This situation is certainly unique, as the siblings never lived together outside the womb. According to the article, the men want their children to have a relationship with each other. Since these children will not grow up near each other and there is no established relationship between them, the fathers will have to work together if they truly want them to be a part of each other’s lives. This is likely easier said than done, but hopefully they can put aside their differences for the best interests of their children.