Posted On: September 20, 2013

Equitable Division in a Divorce- Celebrity Hair?

When one thinks about equitable division in a divorce action, one usually thinks of dividing assets like a marital home, cars, bank accounts, and furniture. Sometimes people also have to divide pets, jewelry, boats, and other personal possessions.

One of the strangest assets I have ever seen mentioned as part of equitable division is celebrity hair. Black Keys Divorce. Wife Gets $5 Million...and Bob Dylan's Hair, August 22, 2013, Black Keys singer, Dan Auerbach, and his wife recently settled their Tennessee divorce. In their settlement agreement, the wife received a large sum of money, a car, one of the family homes…and Bob Dylan’s hair. Obviously, this asset was of particular importance to the couple (or at least the wife) if it was specifically mentioned in the settlement agreement.

Though odd, the specific mention of this asset in the parties’ settlement agreement highlights an important thing to think about in writing your settlement language: If something is important to you, no matter how strange in may be, put it in the agreement. If you really want a particular item, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, make sure the settlement agreement specifically mentions it so there is no cause for conflict after the fact.